Man of La Mancha
Directed by: Colin Hovde



"Three notable scenes are exceptional not for their intricacy, but for their frightening simplicity and the skillful, verging on inspired, lighting
that attends them (Andrew R. Cissna). In the first, two electrifyingly red-robed, red-hooded Inquisitors tower at the top of the stairs,
illuminated by hellish flames. They will later be visually counterpointed by their fictional counterpart, the Enchanter. Dressed from head to
toe in deathly black and disguised as the Knight of the Mirrors, the evil Enchanter seemingly splits into several armed reflections
appearing in a blinding semicircle around the rear perimeter of the stage. Quixote strikes out at the mirror images with his sword, but he
is is no match for them, and ends in ignominious defeat." -DC Theatre Reviews, Leslie Weisman