In On It
Written by: Daniel MacIvor
Directed by: Colin Hovde

"The sense of isolation is emphasized by the bare stage in the intimate H Street Playhouse; voices ring emptily against the brick walls, and Andrew Cissna's lighting is highly selective, punctuating the frequent shifts of reality as well as the ever-swinging moods." -Nelson Pressley, Washington Post

"Andrew Cissna's somewhat more complex lighting design never pulls focus away from the
action and gives the audience a number of important visual clues as to who is who
at what point." - Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages

"There’s no set designer credited, but the lights and sound, by Andrew Cissna and Mark K. Anduss respectively, eloquently shape space, place, and mood." -Trey Graham, City Paper

"Colin Hovde’s understated direction keeps things moving at a brisk pace and makes excellent
use of Andrew Cissna’s lighting and Mark K. Anduss’ sound designs."
-Doug Krentzlin, The Examiner