Getting Out
Written by: Marsha Norman
Directed by: Deborah Kirby



"Appropriately, there's nothing pretty about either Robbie Hayes' set or Emily Dere's costume designs, and the utter plainness
of Arlene and Arlie's worlds is reinforced by Andrew Cissna's harsh, colorless lights. Every aspect of the production reinforces the
concept of just how much will power is required to break out of a cycle of failure and how bleak theprospects appear from
the perspective of a newly released prisoner." -Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages



"The aforementioned Closer To Fine nailed the sound design for me and the set design was a functional if eerie
combination of torn chain link fence and small dingy apartment. Lighting was stark and combined with the set design exemplified
the vicissitude that is the life of an ex-con." -Ronnie Ruff, DC Theatre Scene