Dead City
Written by: Sheila Callaghan
Directed by: Jenny McConnell Frederick

Photography by C. Stanley Photography


"...to scenic designer Eric Grims's panorama of nighttime skyscrapers. The skyscrapers -- whose bright windows, perhaps in
tribute to the play's belletristic gamesmanship, resemble crossword-puzzle boxes -- evoke New York, where "Dead City" is set.
Flaring up periodically are the deliciously zany humor and surreal aesthetic that have marked other Callaghan scripts;
Andrew R. Cissna's lighting helps signal when naturalism cedes to dream logic." -Celia Wren, Washington Post



"But the plot’s really just there to hang some lovely bits of language and stagecraft on. That scene builds with a manic energy
and climaxes with some cleverly designed, beautifully staged property damage involving a mirror ball. A dream sequence that
turns Getman into a sort of transvestite Shiva the Destroyer is puzzling, to be sure—
but you can’t say it doesn’t look great." -Glen Weldon, City Paper