After Darwin
Written by: Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by: Shirley Serotsky

"More impressively, Andrew Cissna's lighting helps channel the play's emotional currents:
When a sunset pink, dappled with leaves, drenches the boat and sail, in a scene set off the
coast of South America, you get a sense of the exhilaration that Darwin
presumably is experiencing." -Celia Wren, Washington Post

"The Church Street Theatre space proves perfect for the flowing white sails of Tobias
Harding’s rather interesting set design that in concert with the brilliant lighting of
Andrew Cissna and excellent costumes by Debra Kim Sivigny deliver the travels
of Darwin and FitzRoy in fine form." -DC Theatre Reviews

"...because of the clarity of Shirley Serotsky's direction and the contribution of Andrew Cissna's
sharp lighting design, it is always crystal clear just where you are during the entire evening.
Such attention to detail is always important in time-tripping plays like this one." -Potomac Stages