Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
September, '12
Written by : Rajiv Joseph
Directed by : Jeremy Skidmore


"Skidmore and his design team, especially set designer Tony Cisek, lighting designer Andrew Cissna and
sound designer Eric Shimelonis, effectively conjure the shattered psyche of the city."
- Peter Marks, The Washington Post


"Skidmore's collaborators have done magnificent work to establish the physical world and atmosphere of Baghdad in 2003.
Scenic designer Tony Cisey and lighting designer Andrew Cissna's work cannot be praise enough."
- Jeffrey Walker, BroadwayWorld.com

"Special credit must go to composer/sound designer Eric Shimelonis and lighting designer Andrew Cissna for their masterful work.
The sounds of helicopters and bombs blend with strobes and sudden blasts of light to set the scene instantly."
- Susan Berlin, TalkinBroadway.com

"Andrew Cissna’s painterly lighting washes the rear horizon with shifts in mood and hour. "
- Jane Horwitz, The Washingtonian

"Lighting Designer Andrew Cissna effectively navigates the alternating shifts of tone with effective lighitng choices."
- David Friscic, DC MetroArts