*2009 Helen Hayes nomination for Best Lighting Design*

Directed by: Jim Petosa



"...the exhilarating design (credit Michael D’Addario for the video projections, Pei Lee for those sharp costumes,
Andrew Cissna on lights, Matthew M. Nielson on sound, and the near-ubiquitous James Kronzer on sets, all of them
wrangled confidently by director Jim Petosa) makes it all eminently interesting as a multi-media experience."
-Trey Graham, City Paper



"Equally invaluable to the production’s success are Michael D’Addario’s stunning video designs, James Kronzer’s imposingly
antiseptic white set, Pei Lee’s costumes, Andrew Cissna’s lighting and James Konicek’s voice work as the omnipresent
and inescapable telescreen announcer." -Doug Krentzlin, DC Examiner


"The set design by James Kronzer at the Atlas Performing Arts Center provides for constant movement as screens and
walls are moved about to form rooms, cells, work spaces and the open world as the cast moves them about.
The lighting design emphases ugly Halloween orange and blood crimson placed over murky, somewhat off-white
lit egg-crate walls. The sound work, including the unseen voice of State authority, is a constant assault of
mechanical noise, industrial sounds, buzzes and voiceovers. Costumes are especially noteworthy in Act II
when prisoners are dressed in filthy, grey undergarments. Michael D’Addario’s video projections are used throughout
the production with great value to push words into visual movement." -David Siegel, Potomac Stages